Drive with car rental on September, through Corinth rocks

The September of the wheels: Mission: The beauties of Greece. Are we right to be proud? Certainly. Greece is full of beauties near or far from Athens. But our purpose is not to tell you where to go. Do this by yourself after research. Listen to us or others.. Try to personal stories of old people. Try with local guides, farmers or hunters, try with people who have climbed on mountains or valleys and the make synthesis and make up your mind.. 

Create the conditions needed to have a good time and offer to your family or friends a perfect trip. September is the echo of a warm August that slowly faded in the sky, sea and land grumbling.. (it rains in some places). Follow the weather bulettin, avoid the mishaps and bad weather as much as you can..

So the wheels are on the job. Trust the wheels of ANSA rental vehicles and their September! Put your expertise and wisdom behind the wheel. September is obedient month, kind, cool, optimistic, happy, economical, outgoing, waiting for you to enjoy it. You may be scared of fuel’s prices! find a way to ease it out, as a Greek you always finds solutions..

Corinthia disposes very special routes: Leave Athens early in the morning when streets are empty and follow the direction to Patras. After an hour’s drive you will pass through Kiato’s toll road, exit on the right hand, then turn left in a circle and again left towards Patras from the old National road. At the village of Melissi, approximately 10 kilometers away, the local driver will be waiting for you..

Words are not necessary. Watch the map below. See the 138 photos. Indulge in the story of  the Local Guide. Take in the view of the Corinthian Golf as you move away from it, climbing up round the mountains. Let your imagination fly over the rocks. Where silence and the whistling of the wind dwell. Where fear fears the height of the Rocks. There, from where the Clouds mediate between Angels and Earth and store the secrets.. of God, the Virgin, the Angels .. for not to get lost..  And if you happen to light up climbing the hills, the springs, the brooks and the lakes are ready to cool you down.. And if you happen to be hungry and want genuine local food with local products in the village of Steno you will find authentic taste and hospitality. Up there everything is ..heroic / semi-divine.. see or ask to be told about Iphicles.. Go and see you! with ANSA. info: Christos Roumeliotis: call +30 6937 637 459. See 120 photos here: Google route here.

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