View of Ancient Delphi

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Delphi the navel of the earth

The ancient Greeks had chosen Delphi as their navel of the earth and built the sanctuary of Apollo there. It was of a good reason to make this eagle’s nest of a village a go-to attraction. Its clifside location is spectacular. Delphi despite its commercialism and the constant passage of tour busses through the modern village, it still has a special feel. Ancient Delphi is 178 km northwest of Athens and Ansa car rental offers a great veriety of vehicles for escape.


Autonomous state from 6th-4th centuries BC

Delphi reached its high between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. Then multitudes of pilgrims came to the sanctuary to consult the oracle. The Amphictyonic League was protecting Delphi. The League was a Federation of 12 tribal states (that unified most of southern Greece). The Federation took control of the sanctuary following the First Sacred War (595-586 BC). The federation made Delphi an autonomous state that enjoyed great prosperity from numerous benefactors, including the kings of Lydia and Egypt, and Handrian. The influence of the oracle had a major impact on political and intellectual life. It was determining – directly or otherwise through the prophecies – such decisions as the establishment of colonies and wars.


Delphi alive upto 2nd century AD

The sanctuary survived fire (548 BC) and earthquake (373 BC).  The Aetolians conquered Delphi in the 3rd century BC. Then Romans in 191 BC. Although the Roman Sulla plundered the sanctuary in 86 BC, other emperors, fascinated by the reputation, kept the rituals at Delphi alive well into the 2nd century AD. Then the oracle’s influence began to dwindle. The Byzantine emperor Theodosius finally has abolished the santuary in the late 4th century AD. By the 7th century a new village, Kastri, had appeared over the ancient side. Much of what is known about Delphi today comes from the detailed travel journals of 2nd-century-AD Athenian geographer Pausanius. “Excerpt from the Lonely Planet guide page 200”

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