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I followed Nafplio again. I went with an Ansa car rental. Preferred vehicle. And I sat comfortably at the wheel. And to the wheels I spoke. And early in the morning I started. And I gathered the kilometers like a golden thread. And I chose Bakirtzis’s CD.  To make me good company with music. And in Nauplio by road, I found myself quickly. And I entered the port opposite Bourtzi. And in “Rendez vous” I sat with my friends. And I enjoyed a black forest waffle.  And in Nauplio I had an exceptional time.

Nauplio historical town

The idea of visiting Nafplio is not new. Nauplio remains a challenge within short driving distance from Athens: 150 km. A holiday like the one on “October 28th” is an opportunity. The question is what season of the year? Autumn ? Yes. Perhaps is  a little melancholy due to the fact that summer went off. We also need a deep breath of fresh air mixed with myth, history and culture.

The background of Nauplio

Read below an excerpt from the historical background of Nauplio.  Myth has it that the founder-hero of the city of Nauplion was Nauplios. Nauplios was son of Poseidon and the nymph Amymone, daughter of the king Danaos of Argos. Nauplios gave his name to the city. He also promoted the art of seafaring and built the city’s harbor. His son was the Homeric hero Palamedes. Palamedes was wily and resourceful, poet, astronomer and an inventor. Tradition accrued -its him with composing important epics, which alas have not survived. Palamedes has invented the lighthouse  to facilitate coastal navigation. Also he invented dice, a very popular game in antiquity. He took part in the Trojan War and, according to myth, Odysseus so envied him that he plotted his murder. 


Nauplios was said to have un avenged the unfortunate loss of his son by lighting bonfires at night in the mountains near the sea. Thus Nauplios misleading the Greeks returning from Troy, who thinking they were beacons, smashed their ships on reefs and rocks. Although archaeological research has shown that habitation in the wider region of Nauplion goes back to prehistoric times. There are few testimonies on the city in antiquity. It seems that in many centuries Nauplion was the ourport of Argos and lived under its shadow and influence. For more information please buy and read the Georgios P. Tsekes Archaeologist’s book “The Palamidi of Nauplion”.

More information

Or read here on Wikipedia the labyrinthine myth of Nafplio and Amymoni. Enjoy the city as best you can. Many original photos here. Other posts here.  We wish you a wonderful trip to Nafplio with a car of Ansa car rental.  See the proposed vehicle categories here: Χρ.Ρ. 26/10/2021

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