Island Poros: Approach by road, Ancient Trizinia. February 2003.

Island Poros: Approach by road, Ancient Trizinia. February 2003.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The wheels (ansa car rental) are in your hands. They are at the address Syggrou 27B and they are waiting for you for a profitable and interesting car rental.
The island of Poros is not unknown, nor is Ancient Trizinia. It is possible to visit Poros Island, mainly for convenience, from the sea with flying dolphins. Ancient Trizinia by car from Athens and from there to Poros. The island of Poros is an attractive destination. It has a comparative advantage. It is reminiscent of a Cycladic island separated from mother Greece by a beautiful fjord.
The challenge comes by road from land:  Athens, Isthmus of Corinth, Palea Epidaurus, Kalloni, Galatas. Leave your ansa car rental in the comfortable Galata parking lot. You go across by boat – taxi or by ferry boat. Wonderful. You have booked a hotel. Or stay in a rbnb apartment overlooking the fjord. Midday is time for the stomach. The fisherman’s tavern is waiting for you.
The chef presents the dishes with art, color and quality. The flavors are capable of “crazy” the palate.
The town of Poros and its welcoming administrative authorities await you. The cleanliness is excellent. The infrastructure is serious. The sights, the archaeological museum are remarkable. The churches, the squares, the beach road, the alleys with the steps, the traditional houses, the balconies, the courtyards, the port, the boats, the shops are worth visiting, shopping, studying, photographing.
Here are some examples of notable places to visit: Sanctuary of Poseidon. Kavo Vasili settlement. Monastery of Zoodochos Pigis. Old Russian naval station. Modi Island. Bourji Island with fortress. Galatas: Mycenaean vaulted tomb and acropolis. Ancient Troyzinia: Temple and restaurant of Hippolytos. Byzantine church of Panagia Episkopi. Roman burial building. Agios Dimitrios Monastery. Methana: Favierou Fortress. Paleokastro and ancient Acropolis. Classic tower. Agios Konstantinos and Mycenaean sanctuary etc.
Poros yesterday and today: some excerpts from the Tourist Travel Guide: Michalis Toumbis Publications SA. <<Nature put all her mastery into making this island. Poseidon saw this and became jealous. But it belonged to Apollo and to get it he had to exchange it with Delphi and Delos. After seeing it the people were dazzled by its beauty and built on a hill, the narrowest point of the canal a beautiful state>> If you want today you can visit the ruins of the temple of Poseidon yes it is possible. Imagine that there in ancient times was the seat of the alliance of the seven most powerful city-states of the time. As we say today, Brussels is the seat of the European Union.
So have a nice visit, check out the ANSA photos from our visit there.
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