Let Ansa car rent show you Thebes archaeological Museum!

We chose a Sunday in October to drive you to Thebes. No one ever said NO to visits. Just one hour from Athens is the capital town of Boeotia. It is an area with countless archaeological sights, museums and monuments, as well as picturesque mountain and seaside destinations. We need a lot of time to show them it all.. We need a lot of time to immerse ourselves in the history of the place and assimilate emblematic periods of its culture. Thebes was an important center of culture in Ancient Greece, the capital of the respective city-state. It is worth visiting the city again and again and seeing its innovative new museum. Launched in 2016, it is an exceptional gem.

The road is quiet and friendly. The co-passenger was anxious for the legend.. The ANSA CAR RENTAL vehicle was completely comfortable, safe and economical. It was also very loyal to the driver’s guidance, the manufacturer’s orders and the excellent maintenance from the Bureau  Syngrou 27B Athens Center. It made no effort to reach his destination and enter the city from the east. A wonderful smell and image of roast pork at its entrance enslaved us. Absolute silence reigned in the city now, and only a few excursionists dined in the downtown steakhouses under the platane trees. The Museum in vain, unfortunately for the day, expected many visitors, you see the relationship “Roast Pork-Museum 1-0”! Does not matter. We had more comfort, space and time for a closer look and photography.

It is unnecessary here to copy and paste the text of the museum’s fine brochure which describes the contents section by section. We found it here: https://www.mthv.gr/. However, we cannot hide our enthusiasm for the treasures it contains. We took endless pictures. Those who visit this complex jewel that displays unique findings from all phases of the city’s history are very lucky: From the Paleolithic to the Byzantine-Christian era. Watch here a series of photos we took from inside it. The exhibits are impressive. The inscriptions are unique. The explanations are informative and instructive. The presentation of the exhibits is both classical and digital.. Comments are unnecessary.

We would really like to meet some people who lived here in the far past. Some who created culture, arts, progress, who lived peace or war in this city. Where they lived under the same sky, earth, sun and moon that we still see today. Let’s live with those who praised the martial art of the brave men of the city. With those who wrote the tragedies of the heroes and Kings of the city. Writings that have reached our days alive. We read a passage from the showcases at the entrance of the Museum.. 
The founding of Thebes:
The son of the king of Phoenicia, Cadmus, is considered the mythical founder of Thebes.
“The wandering Cadmus searched in vain for his sister Europa, who had been abducted by Zeus. He turned to the oracle at Delphi, where he was advised to give up the quest and settle down where a young cow sat emaciated to rest. Cadmus followed the instructions and founded Cadmeia, the citadel of Thebes. But as the city remained uninhabited, he killed the dragon guarding the nearby spring and sowed its teeth from which sprang the armored Spartans, the first indigenous citizens and progenitors of the most aristocratic Theban families. city ​​took its final form from the Spartans Amphion and Zithos, who built the impressive walls of Cadmeia and expanded the settlement around the perimeter of the Acropolis. The new extended city was named Thebes after Zithos’ wife of the same name.”

We quoted, our friends, a small excerpt of the city’s history from the hundreds of the Museum. Try a visit yourself with an ANSA CAR RENTAL vehicle and read the history. You won’t miss out. Enrich your visit with fine dining in the city’s sycamore square and surrounding areas.
Additionaly have in mind:

“The modern city of Thebes is built on the site of ancient Thebes, one of the most important cities of antiquity. The area was inhabited in Neolithic times and flourished especially during the Mycenaean era. At a distance of 45 kilometers from Livadia, in the Mycenaean citadel of Thebes, in Cadmeia, the remains of the ancient civilization are still visible. The fortification was built of boulders on top of the natural rock. Only a few parts of the wall remain today.
Among its most important monuments are the Mycenaean Palace, the temple of Ismenius Apollo and the gates of Cadmeia”.

Note. For return, you can choose a drop-off from Ritsona, a coffee in Chalkida and a late afternoon return to Athens. Attention: The museums are closed on Tuesdays.

Special route: Athens starting point. Boeotia Evia, Attica. A triangular trip of a day. It offers an archaeological visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, route with a view, Thebes – Ritsonas, Tide in Chalkida, in Bourtzi another Bourtzi, Eretria – Oropos night cruise and return to Athens from Markopoulos Oropos or from Agios Apostoulos, Kalamos, Kapandriti., Athens.
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