Our Athens. May & June, walk in the center. LIVE DRIVE LOVE 💕

May and June in Athens are 2 relaxed months. Many visitors prefer them. The temperatures are mild and the weather allows for walks in the city center and the archaeological sites without additional sweat. So between the days of our stay in a hotel in Athens, we decided to include a walk in the city center rich in attractions, namely Monastiraki, Plaka, the Ancient Greek and Roman Agora. We wandered through Mitropoleos and Ermou streets. It’s not the first time we’ve walked through them. When we are in Athens for the umpteenth time, of course we do 2-3 things as a priority. Car rental from ansa for excursions in Greece and Peloponnese for sure. We do not forget Attica beaches, cape Sounio with its Poseidon Temple and Marathon Tombstone.

This time we started walking from Monastiraki and Psirri. We know from experience that in these two areas dozens of new hotels have appeared and many more rbnb apartments. Stunning rooms, one better than the other, compete for guest preference. View or proximity to Acropolis and all the good things around. So we also did not avoid the temptation of a coffee break off photos shooting out best hobby.

Monastiraki Square: There was a crowd of people, mostly foreigners and young people. They were walking up and down on every road to and from Plaka and Acropolis. They were taking pictures of everything common or unusual. The sun was constantly playing hide and seek with every cloud. Coffee and food, carefree, were enjoyed by many people on Adrianou street opposite the Attalos portico. The stores had satisfactory traffic. The city authorities emphasize healthy local food that comes (also) from Attica.

We continued towards Syntagma, going up Mitropoleos street.

Sunday always attracts the Greek residents of Athens as well as from other cities.

We assume that many of those we meet, in addition to shopping, definitely have a visit to the Acropolis museum and the sacred rock itself in their schedule. Alone or with a group. Recommended: ACROPOLIS TOUR half day, morning and afternoon. Information: 302108847269

Others wouldn’t say no to a FOOD TOUR in the morning hours in obvious and “hidden” neighborhoods with authentic eateries. Information: Tel +306945859662.

In the afternoon, expert chefs offer four hours of cooking lessons at renowned restaurants. Please call +306945859662 for information.

Another interesting activity is a three-hour ATHENS STREET CULTURE & FOOD TOUR OFF-THE-BEATEN PATH afternoon walk. Excellent mixed experience of walking and eating call +306945859662

Further up towards the Syntagma you will meet the “crown” of collaborators with the https://ansa.gr hôtel Metropolis. Fearlessly approach the reception and ask for information about ansa car rental company.

Even further up you will find the beautifully landscaped Syntagma Square. It has enough benches to rest before continuing to walk along Ermou and look at its fancy shop windows all the way down to Monastiraki again.

We also looked for other tourist information of general and special interest. We find it difficult to choose between infinite suggestions as the eyes play the first role in the choices of the guests for food, drink, gift, clothing. That’s why a live ride is always the best. Save a pleasant surprise for yourself one or two or three trips outside of Athens with one of the safe and quality cars of https://ansa.gr. Sounio, Epidaurus, Delphi, Meteora.. Call us at +309216304. Thank you.

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