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March/April 2023 in Athens, hotels & ansa car rental fleet. HAPPY EASTER

March has arrived in Athens. The weather is pleasant. The townspeople are starting to think about summer. The foliage of the trees indicates green present. Hotels prepare rooms. They have made sure to finish the tinkering and renovations. They beautifully decorate their spaces. The employees wear their best smiles to welcome the first visitors. A special event is the Catholic Easter 9/4/2023 and a week after the Orthodox Easter 16/4/2023. Of course, March also contains national sorrows (*) national holiday (25/3) and individual joys.
Ansa car rental is feverishly preparing its fleet. New vehicles, completion of maintenance, staff training, new ideas, new hotel campaign. Visiting the hotels and interacting with the hospitality people is a very pleasant process. These people know how to smile and win the sympathy of visitors. They provide service, information, comfort, useful tips, courtesy, welcome drink. Among dozens of employees, you will hardly find someone without fun. It’s magical what’s happening. The management of ansa car rental already congratulates this wonderful human resource for its offer.
Here we want to underline that ansa rent a car is particularly sensitive to the display of worthy nearby destinations. Offers description, references, unique photos. Photos are free to copy paste. They are never repeated. We mention a few as examples. Attica Line: Temple of Apollo Zostira. Ancient Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. Archaeological museum of Lavrio. Ancient theater of Thorikos. Archaeological site of Vravrona. Tomb of Marathon Warriors. Archaeological Museum of Marathon. Prehistoric cemeteries. Ancient Ramnuda. Amfiaraos further north. We can mention notable areas, cities, archaeological sites in Central Greece and Peloponnese. We leave them for another time. Visit the sites to see more: and
Finally, we would like you to see some beautiful places from hotels (**) in the ansa car rental network. Enjoy them.
Note: The staff of ansa car rental have a deep knowledge of the rental car market and operation.
They can advise you and provide solutions to your problems and queries whenever needed.
If you want more complete and personalized information, contact us:
+30 210 9243582 | | 27B Andrea Syngrou Ave. Athens 117 43, Greece
(*) Tempe
(**) Golgen Sun is an excellent hotel with renovated premises and very welcoming staff in the southern suburbs of Athens: See recent photos in the post.
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