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Every year the city of Athens presents a beautiful picture at Christmas. Hoteliers dress up hotels inside and out with colorful lights. Christmas trees are one better than the other. They decorate living rooms, hotel entrances, city squares. Thus, Athens presents a pleasant atmosphere that positively predisposes visitors. Traffic in the city is lively. The shop windows are rich and smartly decorated. Room bookings for Christmas and the first of the new year 2023 in hotels are increasing.

A representative of ansa car rental, he usually visits the hotels and wishes the front office staff a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Informs executives about the company’s service capabilities. ansa car rental specializes in the delivery and collection of cars at their hotel door upon request. Airport too. With a simple phone call, the intermediary hotelier or employee informs the central car rental office ansa car rental of the customer’s needs. The sales representative of the Office gives a financial offer and explains the terms and conditions of rentals. The process is simple and easy. The service is fast and efficient. The employees very kind. The 40 years of activity of ansa car rental guarantee the quality and safety of the rental. ansa care rental ensures presence and service in all hotels of Athens After consultation.

Dear partners, dear guests. Do not hesitate to call us to get information, prices and details. We will help you make the right choice. Have a good time. Get to know the city. Make nice trips to Sounio, Delphi, Meteora, Nafplion. DO YOUR WORK BEAUTIFULLY AND ECONOMICALLY.

Here you will find some details, prices and phone numbers of the main attractions of the city. Have fun or work or mission/duty. Trust ANSA CAR RENTAL and you won’t lose.

Executives, front office employees and hoteliers are our best ambassadors and the guarantee of the service quality of our cooperation.



Tickets: Full: €10
Opening hours: 8.00-15.00
Access : From the pedestrian street of Dionysios Areopagitou through the cobbled PIKIONI (ACROPOLIS METRO)

Tickets: General admission: €5, Reduced admission €3
Working hours :
Monday – Thursday: 09.00-17.00 / last entry 16.30
Friday 9.00-22.00 / last entry: 21.30
Saturday & Sunday 9.00-20.00 / last entry: 19.30
Access: “Acropolis” metro station

Tickets: Full: €6
Opening hours: Tuesday: 13.00-20.00, Wednesday to Monday: 08.30-15.30
Access: By metro and ISAP: Omonia or Victoria Station

Cable car opening hours : 9.00-2.30 a.m.
Ticket price: €10 (includes both ascent and descent)

Tickets: General admissio: €10 reduced admission: €5
Opening hours: 8.00-17.00

Tickets: Full: €4
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8.00-15.00
Access: via Vasilissis Amalia Ave.

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