Argos cultural town

From a city – Argos – which stands out for its generous offering of history that is lost over the centuries and which the civilized world is proud of, which struggles to keep its productivity, wealth, supply and humanity standing, and which of course depends on the development of the wider area of Argolis, there are worthy professionals and countless attractions, you have nothing to lose from a targeted visit, dare.
 The ancient theater, the Roman conservatory, the ancient market, the renovated Byzantine museum, the archaeological museum under renovation which will be equal to, for example, Thebes, Corinth, Arethusa, Chalkida, complete your visit with the castle of Larissa on the hill of the same name and, descending, enjoy a short lunch in the tempting restaurants and taverns of the central square. If it’s Wednesday or Saturday, get lost for a while in the huge bazaar market in the main square. Have fun. Rich photographic material from a recent visit of ours…
In our story about Argos we would like to add a quote from the dozens of testimonies of travelers who visited it in the last centuries.  Source: Michel Sève École Française d’Athènes, 1993
In 1831 the Naval officer Lucien Davésiès de Pontès (1806-1859) passed through Argos.  There he is hosted by Kallergis, whose house he considers <<remarkable for its elegance>> He visits the theater and the thermal baths, and underlines the development of the modern city, whose future seems to him to promise more than that of Nafplion.
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