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Another visit /door to door to the hotels of Athens for a special job gave us the opportunity to see ansa collaborators and chat with them about tourism. Thanks to tourism in the last 10 years, Athens, especially the city center, has improved, become more humane, cleaner, more visitable. Dozens of stylish coffee shops have made their appearance and offer a cozy corner for caffeine and internet chat and little chat. But independent and other intelligently adapted to the very populous clientele, residents and visitors of Athens and of course to the hotel environment. Even a beach bar with natural sand and sunbeds I met at airotel alexandros! Reservations are optimistic and some declare fully booked for summer.
Below is a message letter to a new service provider partner in the Psirri area.
Colleagues Ioanna and Panagiotis. Thanks for the time that you were willing to listen to our and their information terms of your cooperation with (Kyriakos Xatzimichail).
We wish you to have dynamic jobs in the beautiful world of tourism and hospitality.
Your hotel (48 rooms) Psyrri it is an oasis refreshing freshness and finesse the culture of ancient Athens. Reception extremely friendly.
Yours sincerely
Christos Roumeliotis 
A big thank you To the eloquent Mrs. Katerina With which I had a pleasant one Chat this sweet morning 20/3/2024. At the reception of THE FOUNDRY hotel. I wish all the employees Positive energy for further preoccupations.
Christos Roumeliotis
Happy spring and happy rent
(Kyriakos Hatzimichael)  Thank you for your cooperation and very good communication with  Irene.
On behalf of ansa car rental Christos Rumeliotis


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