Corinthia site ancient Sykion

Another cultural excursion in Corinth.
This time the excursion includes the humbled into obscurity but glorious ancient port of Corinth at Lechaio and the archaeological site of ancient Sikyon, today’s Corinthian Vassiliko or Sykiona.
The route starts from Athens with one of ANSA CAR RENTAL’s safe quality efficient and excellent cars.  Bear with me: my suggestion is no let’s get in the car and put the destination in the GPS and go.  The purpose is to do something different at least partially.  Then we can add other attractions on the spot.  So we choose the old national road and drive  through Elefsina.  We put it in the back of our minds to visit because we learned that the renovation of its archaeological museum is finished.  We pass by Megara.  The same.  See reports and photos here.  We follow the semi-wild coastline of the Saronic to take a breath in Agioi Theodorou and a fish delicacy at the restaurant Ouzeri, what a dream, the deliciousness.
The road itself passes through the complained of isthmus and leads us out of Corinth. Somewhere in our minds a Lechaio sign appears. Well then, we stop Ansa car rental at the landmark Lechaio ancient port. We drive the car around the fenced archaeological site. We observe and photograph the ancient moles. We zoom in on the ancient remained buildings in the water. We see the ancient basins filled with water, communicating vessels protecting ships. We let our imagination sink into the sea and see the foundations of the port. Still some ships are tied up at the piers and waiting for their entry. The lighthouse at the entrance of the harbor struggles every night to send out luminous warnings and save ships. Everything in the immediate environment is harmoniously connected. Sea, shore, past, history, technical works and future. Yes, the future is where the next 200 years will lie. Who knows if other generations with more brains and resources will take an interest in them.
We pass the time easily and it’s time to leave. We continue to follow the old national road in the direction of Kiato. We meet Perigiali, Vrachati, Kokkoni and Velo, nice quiet villages with plenty of vegetation. An overnight stay is needed in Kiato. You will not be able to visit ancient Sikyona on the same day. Never mind the opportunity to take a walk in the square to see the pebbly beach and eat in a nice tavern with fresh seafood. Sleep in the only hotel in the city center “PAPAS” The next day in the morning we follow the winding road to the ancient Sikyona just 5 kilometers from Kiato.
 <<At the end of the 4th century BC Demetrius the Besieger founded the newest city of Sikyona. The location is ideal. A spacious plateau, like a balcony, with a view of the whole of northeastern Corinthia.
Sikyona was one of the most important cities of antiquity, rich and at times politically powerful. From archaic times to the end of antiquity under..
The pleasant surprise is definitely the museum with a number of remarkable finds both in the main halls and in the storerooms. Mrs. Areti and Mr. Christos museum staff will answer your basic questions.
So after seeing the archaeological site, take the opportunity to visit the village as well.
The narrow “primitive” streets take you to another world for a while. The information that there are 14 churches in the village makes you look for them. Agia Anna, Agios Dimitrios, the Byzantine Agia Triada Panagia with the 39 steps and others. So see its beautiful narrow streets with well-kept houses and the few old abandoned buildings. Photograph the remaining shops, new and old impressive houses and some old doors and shutters you will love.
You will definitely come away happy to try something different this time.
Thank you very much for the reading ☺️ and having a quick look to the following special “hand made” shoots.
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