Megara, a visit to the Archaeological Museum, July August, with ansa is worthy!

Megara is a city that thousands if not millions of cars pass by on the national road going to and from the Peloponnese without knowing its historical value or at least being able to practically spend some time and drink a coffee in one of its nice squares. It has a wonderful archaeological museum whose unseen beauty had entered my mind without knowing anything about it. So out of stubbornness and curiosity one day heading towards Corinth from the old national road I decided to visit its archaeological museum.

It is needless to describe my excitement to you. I immediately fell to work. Looking at what caught my eye photos and zoom in texts captions historical facts. Bottomless wealth. Because the whole picture was a wonderful condensation of the history of such an important city. It played important roles in the history of Greece with Athens Corinth and others. I was particularly impressed by the inscriptions describing the burial and cremation of the dead that flourished in antiquity, the sculpture, the mint and the musical education of the inhabitants, especially the women. Megara had a reputation as a place with workshops for the construction of unique courtyards where the courtiers accompanied ceremonies and Olympic games, etc.

Sculpture in the city flourished and famous sculptors came from it as many others visited. All this and more, my friends, you can see and read with your eyes very easily. You rent a delicious economical and safe ansa car rental vehicle and on a romantic passage to the Peloponnese or Alepochori make a stop in Megara. At the Museum you will certainly meet Mr. Odysseus, an experienced manager of the Acropolis hill who is also considered the guardian of the space and this place. He will gladly inform you about many things and if you are even a little open you will become friends.

Here on your blog I have rich photos and zoom in descriptions captions and texts from the museum so if you read them you will definitely leave the museum richer. Personally, I liked the city of Megara as it seems that the authorities have it under control. Of course, the city resists the necessary modernization and keeps its landmarks as best as it can. Old railway trading station, old shops left as market museums and of course commercial, cafes etc sample of today’s intense country life. Good visit with ANSA car for better.

For the visit Christos Roumeliotis,

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